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The sauna is healthy

The sauna is not (yet) given to everyone, while the sauna, except that it helps relax still has many more advantages. Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to if people find it embarrassing to sit in the nude in a public place. But that is no more argument because the swimwear days before. You’re doing yourself a favor it if you dare to know the sauna.


Not use the sauna does not mean that one does not see the benefits. Because the sauna is healthy, happy realize more and more people. Slowly but surely, sometimes reluctantly, to go more people gradually still look up the sauna. We’re at first only large saunas to spend a day, now more and more diving small saunas in shopping areas. In the major cities there is still some, but also in medium-sized cities, we find the small sauna (with a maximum of 3 or 4 different types of saunas) more and more back. Such a small sauna is perfect for ‘just’ an hour or so to go in the sauna. Often it is combined with some other ways of relaxing massage. It is thus easier to plan to do it with any regularity. You do indeed make for no original appointment to go away one day.

Sauna, good for health

Sigh of relief

Although you might not expect – the sauna, the newcomer ‘grasp’ – the same sauna is good for the respiratory system. We must know the sauna as it were learning and as from an automatic, we get better and deeper breathing. Asthmatic landscaped people therefore also benefit from the sauna. This is in contrast to individuals who indicate that the sudden temperature differences would have an adverse effect on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. This has never been demonstrated, provided that you heat up the sauna the rules and cooling operate correctly.

The dry heat ensures that the muscles begin to relax, even the small muscles where the asthma patient benefit. Your nervous system tuned in the sauna ‘favorable’ and moreover comes in the sauna cortisol in the blood. The adrenal glands that secrete cortisol ensure that the man or woman with respiratory problems responds less. This may also be contained any asthma attacks.

Strengthen your resistance

Due to the change of high and low temperatures, the body builds up a natural strength (antibodies are created). Your immune system is aided as it were, and blood circulation is stimulated. If you strength is excellent, it can hold against pathogens. If you visit the sauna, then you have for example less suffer from colds and flu can sometimes know waves are defined.



Muscle or back pain

If you suffer from muscle pain, could provide infrared sauna outcome. The lamps in this cabin heat the body, and the rays penetrate deep into the skin. Because of the heat circulation is stimulated, the skin relaxes and takes the muscle off. The lamps in the infrared cabin can also be helpful if you have back pain, especially low back pain, the infrared cabin can work positively.

Blessing for the skin

The body responds firmly to the heat, and that is to say that the body is thought to need to go cool down and so go sweating. Open the pores to dilate blood vessels. Your skin can optimally clean in this way. Both moisture and excess sebum that can leave the body. The skin dries, contrary to what is sometimes thought, not out. The skin is just able to hydrate well (the outer surface layer). The skin is strengthened by and how often you take the sauna, the stronger the skin.


In the busy Western society is the more relaxing place. There are different ways and that the sauna is one of them. One entirely the busy world around you forgotten in the sauna and the foreseeable future relaxes your body and mind. This has to do with that if is going to be working from an automatism, conscious of your breathing. Other thoughts disappear for granted. Regular use of the sauna can reduce your stress level.

Sauna Rules broadly

Sit or lie on your towel. Start at the lowest seat of the sauna. If you are comfortable with, take a step up. Relax back and listen to your body (stay up to fifteen minutes in a sauna).

If you come out of the sauna, you need to calm your body. It starts with fresh air and good breath. Then you must cool off with a cold shower or plunge through which you walk. Start at the feet and so let the body get used to the cold. Finally, immerse yourself completely under. Helpful but not necessary then to walk into a lukewarm plunge (not every sauna has this) and take, if need be, a cold water plunge pool. Loop as the last preferably still a little outside.



What is wrong with claims about the sauna?

Sometimes it is true is hardly what regards sauna visit said. These facts can picture what nuance. A brief summary:

  • Lose weight: regular sauna session does not want you to lose weight. Your metabolism can be somewhat encouraged, which is typically good for weight loss. However, the effect is minimal. Moreover, it feels to many people as they lose weight, but that concerns only one and a half liters of fluid that you will lose on average a sauna. However, this fills the body again, and so it has no lasting effect. If you want to lose weight you need to burn fat and it does not take place in the sauna.
  • Detoxification detox can be done in different ways, but the sauna is not one of them. The fact that you sweat a lot says nothing about whether or not to detox. The sauna is not the way to detox. The body requires “dark” means to detoxify than the sweat from the pores. For ‘more massive’ means you have to think on hand-made captured in the drugstore or health food or live a few days in a proprietary blend of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper C +. Apply this real detoxifying agent to a maximum of twice a year.
  • Condition Improvement: though your heart to more activity is turned on, it has no effect on your muscles and fitness. There are no studies to support this fact.
  • Whether or not to wear clothes does not matter: it is not true, because without clothes in the sauna your body cools faster, this also remember the plunge pools. Moreover, it is more hygienic. Sweat else stays in your (synthetic) swimwear down, and your body cools better.


The sauna is gaining ground and to the extent that more and more people who want a home sauna. For example, attached to the bathroom, which is very handy for contrast baths. But a sauna can also be placed in the garden and then an outdoor shower near places might be helpful. In short, the sauna is accessible because we see the many health benefits and it is also relaxing.