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Gardeners for garden design, construction, and maintenance

A garden design is a complex task that is much more than just creativity. Knowledge of materials for the design of wooden and stone elements and knowledge of flowers, trees, grasses, and plants are just as important. Many who are not professionally involved with gardens will still venture to design and build a garden but concerns a relatively small piece of land. For a larger garden can improve a practitioner named gardener or gardener, are switched on.


Sole proprietorship or many employees

A landscaper or gardener is someone out there profession has made to design gardens and other green spaces, to build and maintain. Sometimes a gardener works in a one-man company, but there are also companies with hundreds of employees who are active nationwide.

Big companies

Large enterprises often work on behalf of governments. As more and more municipalities are about to take care of the green areas by large enterprises rather than by their parks department. Besides government is also working with more major landscaping companies for various organizations, schools, and churches.

Small businesses

Small businesses focus more on individuals, and there are also better equipped for. In many people enabling a gardener is a recurring issue for the design and construction. Then they can take care of maintenance. But also individuals with mostly larger gardens regularly or several times a year on the work of a gardener.

Gardeners not only men

Incidentally, the name landscaper or gardener suggests that an action is only performed by men. However, this is far from true. In the various garden, companies are also women working there and perform substantially the same job as men.


Garden Design and Construction private garden

For the construction or alteration of a private garden designer will review the present situation of the backyard. Also, the taste and style of the residents to check and looks at the surrounding gardens. Famous for the design are also shade and the sun. Should there not be a pond or pool and a large terrace or small? What about the drain? Many clients will also provide a low maintenance and environmentally friendly garden appreciated. Of course, the wishes of the customer to be well taken into account as a starting point for the design. After that, a concept sketches and discussed. In most cases will eventually be made an offer. Once the design has been approved, and it is not always so that the whole construction is done by a gardener. In consultation can be carried entirety by the client himself. Arrangements can be made for subsequent maintenance.

Layout work

The work of a gardener relates to all kinds of jobs that can roughly be divided into smaller and larger works.

Smaller operations

Typical minor work of a gardener, especially in the area of maintenance, in addition to grass reap watering, fertilizing, watering, fighting bugs, weeding, cleaning, pruning, aerating and seeding. For these activities to conduct real extensive knowledge of flowers, trees, grasses and plants necessary to perform maintenance from that knowledge.

Larger operations

Larger works that deal often carried a gardener with the construction or major repairs such as:

  • Design a garden or landscaping.
  • Construction and furnishing a garden or landscaping.
  • Construction of a lawn or garden and sports field.
  • Laying paving and paving.
  • Earthworks such as digging and sand movement.
  • Placement of dam walls, fences, decks and similar
  • Placement of ready-made hedges.
  • Installation of gazebos and other amenities.

Additional excavation

For larger gardens, sometimes digging carried out by individual machines. Taking into account, among other things, a sound basis for an entrance to prevent further subsidence. Substrate for planting should be such as to ensure proper growth.

Cooperation and combination

Some gardeners work with institutions for people with disabilities who work as gardeners. The government has a subsidy for it. Other companies combine their operations with running a garden center, nursery or some other form of service is more or less in line with a landscaping company.


Maintenance and assistance by gardener

The maintenance of a well-designed garden should not be underestimated. To keep everything beautiful in growth and flowering will take place plenty of gardening which is often a gardener turn. Certainly, that is the case if there is too little knowledge about such as the pruning of individual plants. Many choose, therefore, for a few times a year to enable the skilled in the art while at the same tips can be given. These tips cover for example the fertilization of the soil and prevent potential diseases.

Training as a gardener or gardener

To be a gardener are numerous programs offered by almost all agricultural education. Training can last from one to four years at MBO level. More specialized training can be followed at various colleges.