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Cough: function, causes, measures and medications

Coughing is a natural way to clean up the airways. Is lining on the inside of the airways. If the mucous membrane is stimulated makes extra mucus. By expectoration of mucus that extra be smoke particles, dust, and mucus removed from the trachea, throat, or lungs. Sometimes there is no mucus released during coughing, and there is a so-called dry cough or a dry cough. While coughing a precise function, everyone usually seeks to do to avoid it by taking action.


Coughing has important function

Cough often accompanied as very disturbing. Persistent coughing, both for those who cough and for the environment quite annoying. On many occasions, cough is considered as inappropriate while attending a concert. Also, cough can disrupt sleep. But still, has an important function because a cough and phlegm undesirable substances removed from the airways. Coughing occurs because after a (deep) breathing the air out of the airways and lungs is ejected by force. This occurs at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour.

Causes of a cough

By smoke, dust, and chemical substances such as chlorine and ammonia irritation of the respiratory tract may occur. Stimulation also can be caused by an inflammation of the respiratory tract by a cold. If a cough associated with the common cold, it ‘s nice to keep the nose. A little throat can also provide a challenge. Furthermore, for certain substances or stress cause sensitization coughing. For a dry cough may not always be identified a cause. When a dry cough can be done by a many cough occur irritation of the throat and airways causing the cough persists or increases correctly. Make sure to tickle a cough that the air is not too dry and avoid drafts.

Prevent or reduce excitation

For stimulation to prevent or reduce as far as possible can be taken such as:

  • Good ventilation.
  • No smoking or staying in smoky areas.
  • Using stimulus-depressants.
  • Clean air in the home environment and work environment.

Man sneezing

Measures for a cough

Good measure coughing mainly to release focused on the mucus come as:

  • Using home remedies such as anise, licorice, ammonium chloride, tea with honey and licorice.
  • Use of medications from the drug store or pharmacy as cough medicine.
  • Something hot drink making it loosens mucus.
  • A cold drink which reduces pain in the throat.
  • Nose is dripping with salt water (one teaspoon in a glass of water).
  • Regularly drink, so the throat is lubricated.
  • Steaming with hot water where chamomile or levomenthol is added.
  • Quit smoking.

Taking medication for a cough

When two kinds of cough medications can be used, include emollients and agents that dampen the stimulus.


This means to soothe the throat causing coughing less painful.

Incentive depressants

By incentive-depressants tend to be reduced to a cough because the cough threshold is increased in the central nervous system.


The use of drugs is not always favorable

Some of these drugs are freely available from the pharmacy. For others, a prescription from a physician is necessary. Remedies that are freely available from chemists and pharmacies usually work expectorant making the mucus coughed up may be better. But it is not always advantageous to use drugs to prevent coughing. Also, there is a difference between a cough productive and non-productive cough.

Productive cough

Called a productive cough (a cough with phlegm is coughed up) can not be stopped. A cough agent can be therefore used rather only to reduce a cough to an acceptable level or to the mucus that stuck more easily cough up bar.

Non-productive cough

For a non-productive cough (a dry or a dry cough) can best an agent used a cough which dampens different preparations are available at drugstores and pharmacies. With a productive cough may be utilized agents that soothe the throat like cough medicine.

When to see a doctor?

Occasionally coughing is normal. Even often cough is harmless and usually goes about itself again within two to three weeks. But were advised there are more serious symptoms occur then a visit to a doctor like:

  • With persistent fever.
  • At breathlessness or wheezing.
  • When more than three weeks of a persistent cough.
  • At the bloody mucus

What do you think about our tips? What are yours? Let us know in the comment.