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Omega 3 essential fatty acids for good health

The human body can convert almost all fatty acids create. The good health essential fatty acids linoleic acid (omega 6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3), however, are the exception. THEREFORE these fatty acids are called essential fatty acids. Cell membranes consist for a considerable proportion of these fatty acids, which are very important for the proper functioning of all cells, glands, organs and tissues. Also, fatty acids provide the main fuel for our body. They provide a stable energy production.

Omega 3 text, brown linseed


Fatty acids can be divided into two main groups: the saturated (animal) and unsaturated fatty acids. We can also re-arrange the unsaturated fatty acids, the monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-9), polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6) and the super-unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3). For good health, in particular the right ratio between omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids is of paramount importance. These fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) are exclusively obtained by consuming foods where these essential acids worry. The brains consist of approximately 60% essential fatty acids. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which occurs in green leafy vegetables, canola oil, perilla oil, flax seed oil and walnuts is restricted with the aid of vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc converted to EPA by the body, which for instance be found in fish oil. EPA is then with the aid of vitamin B6 converted to DHA. Below are treated exclusively omega 3 fatty acids.

The exceptional importance of omega 3 fatty acids

Fats were for years dismissed as unhealthy fattening, whose intake should be avoided. More and more, however, breaks the realization that does not matter the amount of fat, but rather consuming the right fats. The omega 3 fatty acids ensure a smooth exchange of information between cells. They provide protection against cancer, stimulate inflammatory processes, let blood flow more easily through the body and regulate blood sugar. An optimum amount of these acids in our cells brings a good health along with it. In order to function well both physically and mentally, the body (taking morning) at least 500 mg of EPA and DHA per day is needed, in which DHA is the main fatty acid in the brains. Nutritionists recommend more and more to take in EPA and DHA by fish oil capsules with the right amount of these fatty acids. All this by the pollution of the oceans with heavy metals, because otherwise a daily minimum of 230 grams of fatty fish or 860 grams of semi-oily fish should consume, which is practically impossible. With a shortage of EPA and DHA, the body is obliged to use other, less good fatty acids, which can deteriorate. A and another because the strength or weakness of the cell membranes is determined by the kinds of fatty acids that are consumed.


Breakdown of omega-3 fatty acid

This fatty acid can be distinguished, among other things, in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These two components are essential for building and renewal of the cells and health in general. Because cells are present in the whole body has a shortage of EPA and DHA implications for all parts of the body, such as the occurrence of inflammations everywhere.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

The most important fatty acid in the cell membranes is DHA. This substance is not located solely in the brains, which need large amounts of DHA, but also by means of the blood vessels in all other cells of the body. However, most of DHA is not only concentrated in the brains at the nerve endings, in the mitochondria of the nerve cells in the retina of the eyes. One could argue that DHA provides the building blocks for cell membranes and is of paramount importance. In addition, one can think, in particular, to pregnant women and very young children. DHA also facilitates the normal growth, development and function of the central nervous system, supports fat burning, going against high blood pressure and lowers lipids (fats) because it lowers triglycerides. In addition, DHA is useful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, is degeneration of the yellow spot on the retina (macular degeneration) against and has an anti-inflammatory effect because it is in the body can be transformed in resolving D2.

Plant-based and animal sources of Omega-3 acids

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

This fatty acid is much more evenly distributed throughout the body and, therefore, is also present in the brains, where it regulates the brain function by supplying energy. In addition, it exerts influence on inflammation, the immune function, the blood vessels, blood coagulation and blood flow to the brains. In this context, EPA is effective in the early stages of each ignition, because the operation of ignition-promoting hormones is attenuated. Also, it prevents the development of arteriosclerosis, is clotting of the blood and ensures that LDL-cholesterol does not deposit on the walls of the blood vessels. EPA also supports the state of mind and is very valuable in the treatment of depression, burnout, CFS, dyslexia and mood disorders, sometimes combined with antidepressants. It works with mental problems better than DHA and also reduces the level of triglycerides.

Cough: function, causes, measures and medications

Coughing is a natural way to clean up the airways. Is lining on the inside of the airways. If the mucous membrane is stimulated makes extra mucus. By expectoration of mucus that extra be smoke particles, dust, and mucus removed from the trachea, throat, or lungs. Sometimes there is no mucus released during coughing, and there is a so-called dry cough or a dry cough. While coughing a precise function, everyone usually seeks to do to avoid it by taking action.



The sauna is healthy

The sauna is not (yet) given to everyone, while the sauna, except that it helps relax still has many more advantages. Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to if people find it embarrassing to sit in the nude in a public place. But that is no more argument because the swimwear days before. You’re doing yourself a favor it if you dare to know the sauna.



The dynamic energy

When your body uses more calories than you take in calories to the diet, fat is burned and fall off. When you use fewer calories than you are taking in calories, fat mass increases and you become heavier. To burn an average of one kilogram of fat you need to burn about 7800 calories more than take. Previously, the energy balance was used as a static model. Both sides of the energy balance were in this static energy balance model dissociated from each other. By this is meant that energy intake and energy consumption would have no influence on each other. It was also thought that the stay the same both sides of the energy balance, lose weight during, for example, or be just heavier. However, the opposite is true. Nowadays, more based on a model in which the energy is dynamic; the dynamic energy.


Warming foods for the winter

Soon the winter breaks; the period in which everything comes back to rest. Plants and trees store their energy in roots and seeds until the time of growth and blossom weather arrives. Animals have a thick coat that allows them to protect themselves from the cold or hibernate.

At this time of year, our blood becomes thicker and flows slower, so that important nutrients can stay longer in the body in order to get the energy (and therefore heat) hold longer. By eating warming food, we can make this process a helping hand and keep warm in the winter!


7 Guidelines to Help Children Love Playing Sports

In addition to controlling calorie per day that children absorb to ensure nutrition balance, it is essential to encourage them to participate in physical activity to consume the energy. However, children are not interesting in sporting. Playing computer game, watching TV and reading are the hobbies that obese children take precedence over both. But, if you learn the 7 following guidelines to make the children love sports and physical activities, your children will gradually change habits and love taking part in physical activities!

trampoline reviews

Set an example for children

Parents are good example for children. Therefore, if you are staying one place, do not think about force the children to do exercise. Plan your schedule to do exercise every day. When your children see you exercising, they will imitate your operation. If you work in the offices, take some time to help them realize that people will never be too old to change their habits or do fun exercises.

Help your child choose the appropriate exercise

When doing exercise, it is important to ensure the safety and security for your children. It depends on proper training methods for them. Please encourage your children to learn to dance, do skateboarding, yoga exercises, jump on the trampoline or join a walking club. Educators have always emphasized: The important key is not what children do, that is how they do. Please guide and encourage children to try, voluntarily do exercise, more active, form regular physical activities on the basis of proper guidance of parents.

Help children make a plan for exercise time

In school, children are assigned the homework such as drawing, painting, observing the world around. When become older, they will be assigned the homework and commit to finish voluntarily. So, please talk with your children and ask them to plan all the work to be done and deadline. From that, parents as long as their children work together to plan specific schedule, for example: going the gym with time flexibility, enrolling in a sport at school, even if children have more time, parents should cheer for one child to participate in physical activities in the living areas (eg. in the culture house)

Organize collective activities for children in the living area

Instead of letting the children practice alone, parents feel free to collect children’s peers among your neighbors to join to practice. Ask the family around and organize collective activities for the kids. Do not hesitate to give children the means to serve the entertainment and sports activities. For example: buy a bicycle for children, as well as some neighboring families to organize cycling excursions, the children took turns to ride a bicycle.

Give children enough fitness equipment

When the children commit to participate in physical activities, make sure to provide children enough fitness facilities. For example, if your children play trampoline, make sure to provide them safe trampoline by reading many trampoline reviews to buy the best one. Also, encourage and reward them belongings to assist to participate in fitness and sports as children achieve success in their commitment.

Creates activities for the whole family

You can create group activities for children to participate, such as the family stroll at night, picnic and hiking, walking, swimming, yoga, dance classes.

Comfort and fun at practice

Remember, children are encouraged and feel very comfortable when participating in physical activities. Do not make them feel responsible or too restrictive to do these things.

How to avoid foot pain and injuries from wearing shoes?

Every day we spend a lot of time for skincare, exercise, meditation, yoga in order to keep the body healthy. However, many of us forget about our leg, which bears all the body weight. According to traditional Chinese medicine, all the pressure points in the foot will affect other organs of the body. This is the second heart of the body, so it needs protection because innumerable nerves connect with the brain. Protect your feet is to protect your health. Today I’ll show you some ways to protect your feet by effective remedies, let’s take a look!

Foot health

  1. Let your feet breathe

Every day, you go to work and wear the shoes. Your legs are lying in tight shoes. So whenever you have the opportunity, let your feet breathe! If you stay indoors, put your shoes off to walk on barefoot, so you can achieve some benefits:

Firstly, you can exercise your soles, these sections are the key part to balance the body, if the body balance function is not strong, the organs in the body also take unequal responsibility, thus making health quality decline.

feet breathe

Secondly, when you go barefoot, 5 toes are moving freely and doesn’t stick to each other like wearing shoes and socks. Because of the movements of the toes, your posture looks so beautiful and natural. So, barefoot exercise not only makes you healthy but also makes your body beautiful.

  1. Soak your feet in warm water

Soaking feet is like washing feet daily, but there are differences between them. At the start of soaking, you should not give too much water, the water is high at the ankle, the water temperature is about 40-50 ℃, after soaking for a while, gradually adding water to above the ankle joint, the water temperature is about 60 ℃, simultaneous operation of two legs, wiggle to make the water flow.

Each time soaking from 20 -30 minutes to maintain, let the body feel the heat. Also, if the water turns hot and cold, you can achieve effective treatment for tension, headache, insomnia, heart attack, rhinitis, bronchitis, sore feet from injury and so on. To increase the efficiency of the soaking, you can add essential oil or salt to the water.

  1. Let your feet sunbath

The early morning or late afternoon is the best time for sunbathing. Please take off all shoes and socks, direct your feet toward the sun and sunbath for 20-30 minutes. The miracle of this measure is to make the ultraviolet in direct sunlight shining on the feet, promote body metabolism, increase blood circulation, improve the functioning capacity of the internal organs and promote the function of the body parts. This way has good effect for diseases such as low blood pressure, anemia, rhinitis, rickets and so on.

  1. Foot Massage

Foot massage will help you care for your feet professionally as expensive services at the spa. With the relaxed, healthy feet, your health will be significantly enhanced. If you don’t know how to massage properly, a foot massager is right choice for you. The foot massager is easy to use, and works directly on the blood. Also, some foot massagers come with infrared heat that stimulate pressure points in the body, heat the body, improve blood circulation, reduce aches quickly. Moreover, toxins are excreted out of the body that make the body healthier, prevent some diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes. Foot massager is suitable for all users. Especially, it is suitable for older people, who have rheumatism, bone pain, and insomnia. So, before purchasing a foot massager, you should read the foot massager reviews to choose the right one for you and your family.

Refer: Massage Chairs Expert


Things to consider when purchasing essential oil diffuser

In the environment that we live today, there are a lot of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and mildews that may harm our health when we breathe it into the lung with the air. And it can cause some diseases, impact on our immune systems and our brain. That’s why we need to use essential oil diffuser in our house, workplace or in the car. The amazing benefits of essential oil have been proved over the centuries, from improving our health to taking care of our skin and hair, from removing stress to cleaning the air and eliminating harmful factors. And an essential oil diffuser is the best device to diffuse the essential oil into the air in a large space.

Things to consider when purchasing essential oil diffuser

However, choosing an effective and high-quality essential oil diffuser is not easy. There are a lot of things you should consider before purchasing one. Among thousand of essential oil diffuser in the market, choosing the best one for you and your family which meet your purpose of use and your budget is quite a difficult task. Here are some tips for you to buy the best essential oil diffuser.

1. Consider the types of essential oil diffuser

types of essential oil diffuser

There are four different types of essential oil diffuser, including Evaporative, Heating, Nebulizing, and Ultrasonic. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks. You should research carefully the all four types to understand how they work and find out which is the best for you. Evaporative and heat diffuser is not normally highly recommended. These two are the basic ones with a lot of problems in diffusing essential oil. Evaporative tends to evaporate the light component of the oil faster than the heavier, which can reduce the therapeutic effect. Heating diffuser, in the other hand, may change some chemicals substances of the oil due to too high heat, causing some damage in essential oil. However, the prices of these diffusers are completely inexpensive.

Nebulizing and Ultrasonic contain most high-quality and effective products. They are designed with the most innovative technology which allows covering all the benefits of essential oil with micro-particles of the oil. The oil dispersed with the air is constant, strong concentration and pure. The Nebulizing is water-free diffuser and has timer to control time. However, it sometimes has loud sound and higher price than Ultrasonic diffuser. Besides, Ultrasonic diffuser seems to be the more economical type than Nebulizing but still remain the same quality. The difference is ultrasonic diffuser use water to dilute the essential oil.

2. Size and capacity

Size and capacityCapacity of essential oil diffuser is a matter. If you plan to put your diffuser in a large room such as living room, you should consider a large capacity diffuser which can fill the whole room. But if you look for a diffuser which is easy to carry or place in the car or in small space, the smaller size is better.

Moreover, the large capacity of the diffuser can contain more essential oil mixture. And the more it contains oil, the longer it can operate without any hindrance.

3. Timer and auto shut-up option

timerIt is a waste if you use the essential oil diffuser with no time controlling function, because it will let the essential oil disperse all the time. Therefore, a diffuser with timer setting option is appropriate. The best is choosing an essential oil diffuser covering different programs such as run time, rest time, etc. in order to preserve the essential oil but still benefit all the advantages of the oil.

In the other hand, the auto shut-up function is very helpful if you forget to manually turn it off when there is no oil in the diffuser. It is necessary for the safety and the durability of the device.

4. Programmable functions

Programmable functionsYou should find the diffuser with multiple controlling functions to control the diffusing oil. It is very great when you can manage the rate of diffusion or how much oil you want it to disperse or how strong the smell is. Other programs should be included are time setting, light options, full loaded diffuser, etc.

5. Noise Level

Noise levelSome essential oil diffusers make noise when they operate. If you are okay with the noise, you don’t have to worry about that. But if you are the one that cannot sleep if there is some sound disturbing you, you should consider buying the diffuser with no noise. Normally, the Nebulizing diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers create noise when they run. So, if you prefer being quiet, you should buy a heat diffuser or evaporative diffuser because these types don’t make noise.

6. Your purpose of using it

Your purpose of using itEssential oil diffuser has many benefits. And each person uses it for their particular purposes. For example, if you prefer using essential oil diffuser for a good aroma for your room, heat diffuser and evaporative diffuser is good enough. And if you want to use essential oil diffuser to create a therapeutic environment, nebulizing or ultrasonic diffuser is better choice.

7. Price

PriceOf course, there are various essential oil diffusers with different prices, from low to high. And your target is purchasing the best one with the most reasonable price. However, you should compare the price of one product in as many shops or providers as possible. Doing this way, you can find the best price for your essential oil diffuser.


There are many methods of diffuse essential oil, including candle, spray, nebulize, evaporate, etc. Among all, the ultrasonic diffuser is the highest recommended by a lot of users. It doesn’t mean that all the ultrasonic diffusers are suitable for you. You need to cover all the above factors to choose the best one for you. More importantly, reading the reviews and feedbacks of customers on prestige sites is also a good way to find out the truly quality of the essential oil diffuser.

TENS unit – 13 Things to know before you decide to buy for the pain treatment

1. How long will it take for my TENS to help my pain?

It takes a long time to realize the influences. Generally, you can use approximate from 20 to 30 minute in one time per day. Some people prefer to use 2 – 3 times depends on their need or level of pain. It has no problem if you use TENS all day to improve the effects because TENS is safe therapy for long term pain treatment.

2. How do I use my TENS?

Using a TENS is very simple way. You apply pads on surface of your body where you feel the pain. Turning TENS on and selecting mode and adjusting intensity. Depending on the level of pain for a certain day, you can adjust for different intensities. Please follow our directions and your doctor instructions on how to use your unit that his specific to your needs.


3. Is using TENS dangerous?

No, it isn’t. TENS therapy is researched and develop to reduce and relief pain. It is suggested as a safe treatment method which is believes by both users and doctors.

4. Are there side effects?

Definitely not, TENS therapy is very safe and have no any side effects. In addition, TENS therapy is applied without any drug during the treatment time like any normal other therapies. Almost pain-killer drug involve narcotics which trick your feeling about pain but not make it disappear. Some people use so many pain-killers in long term then becoming addict to them gradually.


5. Will using the TENS hurt or give me more pain?

Absolutely not, TENS therapy won’t give any pain or any negative impact on user’s body. First time using TENS, you will feel a bit of tingling sensation at all.

6. How long will electrodes or batteries last?

The average time that electrodes are good to use is up to 150 or for 5 monthly usages. You can estimate times to replace electrodes follow the tutorial. For batteries, depend on how often you use TENS, batteries can be lasted from 1 month to 4 months and they are easily replaced by others.

7. Will you accept my health insurance?

It depends on your type of insurance. We can accept your certain insurance companies but HMO’S or Medicare. You can call to customer service to ask more information.

8. Who should use a TENS units?

Who should use a TENS unitsIt depends on instructing of physicians, anyone who suffers pain from muscle or joint can use TENS for treatment. Some of most common pains that are treated by TENS are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, bursitis
  •  Postoperative pain back pain, foot, knee, sciatica, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, labor pain (not before nine months), and many other types of pain

Beside, there are some contraindications for those who belong to the following cases:

  • Anyone using an implanted metallic or electronic device
  • Pregnancy unless under doctors recommendations
  • Has any form of malignancy,
  • Various conditions where circulation is impaired.
  • Persons having heart problems
  • By someone with epilepsy
  • Around the head
  • With the electrodes placed on the neck near carotid

All in all, users should have a full body examination or asking your doctor before giving the decision to use TENS.

9. I have migraine headaches. What can I use to relieve my pain?

TENS have many settings that are design for headaches. We recommend using the Micro Current TENS unit which is designed for head pains. For migraine headaches, it is an excellent method to treat this disease.

10. Can TENS be used for pregnant women and during labor?

It can be if you follow doctor’s indication. With the development of science today, TENS is researched and developed for many special cases, pregnant women and during labor is one of them. However, there are some limitations and rules that you have to follow to ensure baby’s safety.

11. How does Interferential therapy differ from TENS?

Interferential therapy differs from TENS because it stimulate deep into the impacted tissue. Interferential therapy doesn’t use only one electric current like EMS or TENS, it use two electric current and creating the interference between two current to  generate a specific current as a low frequency current, and applying it on user’s body to stimulate muscle and nerve system.

12. What other electrical devices use electric current on the body for treatment?

There are many other electrical devices use electric current which are designed for some particularly part in the body. We can mention some devices such as EMS using for muscle, Bio Feedback instruments using for sedation, Bone Growth Stimulators for bone treatment, Deep Brain Stimulators using for Parkinson’s disease and many other electrical device.

13. Things to consider before buying a TENS unit

  • Programs and modes: How many modes or programs does the unit offer? Does the unit offer true TENS mode or also an Electronic Muscle Stimulation mode?

Which TENS you should buyTENS has an average from 6 to 10 programs that users can easily select and adjust as they desired. Each program has different pulses and pulse widths which are designed suitable for each specific location on the user’s body such as the lower back, shoulders, legs, head or joints..etc… Additionally, users can adjust up or down the intensity of pulses to match the level of pain as well as accelerating the process of treatment. Users can use programs on relaxed muscle purposes and there is no limit on the time of usage. Depend on the designs TENS may to offer true TENS mode or also an EMS mode. Nowadays, most of the machines are equipped both true TENS mode and EMS mode to satisfy user’s needs

  • Channels: Does the unit have independent intensity controls for each pair of pads (isolated)?

With the advancement of technology, some TENS brands have launched products use dual channels that can controlled independently intensities for each pair of pads. But the dual channel model has been yet popular as well as less approached to users. Many customers still know not so much about this machine. Presently, on the market there are only single-channel machines which can control electrodes simultaneously at the same time with same program and same intensity.

  • How many alternatives are there for intensity levels in TENS units? Or can the unit be fully adjusted to suit the needs of the user.

As mentioned above, the advancement of technology have allowed manufacturers to develop strongly and design TENS machine modernly. There are many TENS device which can be fully adjusted set intensity level function has been launched, sold on the market and become to be favored by consumers. It can be adjusted the entire of the intensity level totally matching customer needs. Besides, there are many machines with number of set intensity level from 10 to 20. Although their features are limited, with 20 of set intensity levels they are still enough to satisfy consumers.

  • Battery: Whether the unit is battery operated or if it can be charged with an external USB cable or plugs into the wall.

There are two way that to fill energy for TENS are: Using battery or charging with an external USB cable or plugs into the wall. On some brands, they are combine battery with USB cable or plugs or both to create convenience while you suddenly face to power cut in your house or on using time. You can buy more batteries at grocery or using automated charging machine to fill power for them.

  • Size and portability: 

Users can feel comfortable about the size of TENS. Most dimensions of TENS are designed small and handy. Users can hold device and select programs by one hand without any difficulties. TENS machine is very easy to bring. You can bring to the workplace and use immediately after working time, or you can use TEN while you are doing exercise. IT is not only convenient but also achieving good results.

  • Warranty: 

Make sure that you buy the right product to be inherited a two-year warranty. The warranty includes a free repair service if your machine is broken or damaged. Also enjoy the exceptional customer service such as a TENS trade-ins or refund if the user buy a machine have problems.

Why a massage chair – Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Technology has brought a whole new world to our home; one of the best that comes to mind is the joy of experiencing a massage chair. With the best massage chair, you will enjoy the comfort, relaxation and health-boosting benefits, and may be even boost your performance in the bedroom. Here are 4 reasons a massage chair makes a great addition to your comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

A Massage chair is perfect for a busy person

Actually, people who have a busy lifestyle sometime fail to make spare time to relax. They can’t find the time to go for a massage session by visiting a massage therapist or a masseuse. So, a massage chair is great idea to relieve the daily stress and strain of being a busy person in a busy world. A 30-60 minute seated chair massage can help your muscle and relieve tension. For the rest of your day, you will feel better to come back to the routine of your day.

It can help you relieve tense muscles

Other reason why you need a massage chair for your own home is that it make massage techniques very close to massage done by human hands. For customization, the chairs offer versatility with different pre-programmed massage modes which provide a timed frame of massage. It depends on your needs to choose massage options:  a specific area of the body or full body massage.

Massage chair is a cheaper option

When deciding whether you should visit the spa or have a massage chair, also considering the overall cost of each option. For those who visit a massage therapist or a masseuse, they have to pay $50-$300+ an hour and even sometimes, they have to wait for their turns if the spa is busy. With a massage chair, you will achieve the same benefits but you only have to pay once and get massage whenever you need for years to come. You will really like it and if you continue massaging, you will save yourself a lot of money overtime.

Health benefits

Massage chair is a wonder drug. It makes you healthier, happier and you live longer. Here is a list of benefits you will get:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Alleviate pains and body aches.
  • Reduce acid build-up
  • Reduce muscle fatigue caused by physical exertion
  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce your risk of some cancers
  • Reduces your risk for high blood pressure
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Improve your mental health and mood
  • Reduces the risk of depression and anxiety
  • Improve your ability to do daily activities and prevent falls
  • Increase your chances of living longer

In conclusion, massage chair has many benefits in addition to relaxation. The regular use of massage chair can greatly improve your health.  Also, it is more convenient than visiting a massage therapist and saves you a lot of money.  When deciding whether or not a massage chair is right for you, considering the convenience of having a fully therapist machine in the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy the relaxation, comfort and health-boosting benefits whenever you want.