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Planting and seeding around the longest day

Although the sowing and planting season is not completely silent after the longest day (June 21), but many plants do after that time insufficient time to grow and mature. Especially for asparagus and rhubarb is June 21 a special date. Also, it is advisable to have, say, two weeks, the hedge one more time to be cut in the longest day. Which runs one more time in making the open spaces are filled well in the hedge. However, there are rapidly rising vegetables you can still sowing or planting and harvesting after the longest day.

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Gardeners for garden design, construction, and maintenance

A garden design is a complex task that is much more than just creativity. Knowledge of materials for the design of wooden and stone elements and knowledge of flowers, trees, grasses, and plants are just as important. Many who are not professionally involved with gardens will still venture to design and build a garden but concerns a relatively small piece of land. For a larger garden can improve a practitioner named gardener or gardener, are switched on.



Caring for plants in winter

To care for the plants that we currently have in our garden, terrace, and inside of our house, we must consider some precautions that have to do with changes in temperature, heating, and inadequate irrigation when the thermometers fall.

One of the main precautions you should take right now is about buying plants.

Although this is time of a year that are sold and bought fewer crops, a plant is a magnificent entertainment, and it is worth remembering that you have to look good on every issue that is acquired.

It is important not to have spotted leaves and the roots do not protrude through the drainage holes. It does not hurt to test releases remove the specimen from its pot and check the root ball out of one piece and that the roots are abundant, clear and not black color, because that would be a symptom of decay.