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Buying Guide: How to choose cat food

Cats are great pets, independent, curious and affectionate. They are animals who like everyone else; need a lot of attention for being healthy. One of the most important aspects to consider is food. But what should we consider when choosing the perfect food for the cat? On this website we explain how to buy food for your cat and thus ensure the nutrition and health of your pet.

Give up the idea to feed cats with your food



One aspect that is important to keep in mind when choosing food for your cat is that these animals must in any case, eat the same thing as you do. You should not give your cat food or leftover food you normally eat because they are not suitable for the animal.

Watch for ingredients

There are ingredients that should not be present in cat food because they can harm the health of your pet. When choosing cat food, look at the ingredient list and make sure:

  • It does not contain preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT, because these compounds can be carcinogenic for the cat.
  • The percentage of cereals contained in the prepared food is not too high, because it means that the food is not very good.
  • That, preferably, in the list of ingredients or indicated what animal derived meat that is used for the preparation. The word “animal” is not the same as stating that it is meat or fish. The more ingredients are explicitly shown, the more you are sure that the food you give your cat is good.
  • The meat or fish should be the main ingredient of your cat’s food, not grain, flour or other compounds.
  • Fats should also be indicated with accuracy on the animal from which they come. Similarly, avoid feed containing animal protein derived because they are not adapted to cats.

The moisture in the cat food


It is common knowledge that cats are not very fond of water, which can lead to significant medium-term kidney problems. All this is due to the type of food you give your cat. The food in general is purchased contains, on average, only 8% humidity. Thus, the cat must compensate for this lack of fluid by drinking water but the problem is that this animal is not lovers of water.

It is therefore very important that cat food is as moist as possible. Canned food is a great help to fill this gap, but it is also true that it is much more expensive. It may therefore be advisable to buy quality food for your cat containing as much liquid as possible, and add a little water at the time of use to moisten the kibble. You see, once your cat gets used, there will be less need to drink water and be healthier.

Considerations as needed


All the above aspects must be taken into account when choosing food for your cat. But it is also very important to consider the age and health of your pet to choose food. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Buy a food suitable for the age of your cat. The nutritional needs of small cats are different from those of adult cats, so pay attention to this specification.
  • If your cat has been sterilized, it will have a tendency to obesity. It is therefore important to choose a diet with a low percentage in fat and rich in liquids. Thus, you will prevent kidney problems in animals.
  • In all cases, it is recommended to alternate kibble and canned food for the cat to be hydrated.

It’s not all about price

As you will notice, after all these explanations, choose the best food for your cat, it is important to think and evaluate in detail the contents of ingredients and the nutrition table, as you would with your own food. The higher price does not always correspond to the best food, so beyond the budget, it is important to consider what is healthier for your cat to make it healthy and happy.

This article is purely informative. This article establishes no diagnosis and does not provide medical treatment. If your pet has symptoms, please consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.