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Cough: function, causes, measures and medications

Coughing is a natural way to clean up the airways. Is lining on the inside of the airways. If the mucous membrane is stimulated makes extra mucus. By expectoration of mucus that extra be smoke particles, dust, and mucus removed from the trachea, throat, or lungs. Sometimes there is no mucus released during coughing, and there is a so-called dry cough or a dry cough. While coughing a precise function, everyone usually seeks to do to avoid it by taking action.



Planting and seeding around the longest day

Although the sowing and planting season is not completely silent after the longest day (June 21), but many plants do after that time insufficient time to grow and mature. Especially for asparagus and rhubarb is June 21 a special date. Also, it is advisable to have, say, two weeks, the hedge one more time to be cut in the longest day. Which runs one more time in making the open spaces are filled well in the hedge. However, there are rapidly rising vegetables you can still sowing or planting and harvesting after the longest day.

planting-seeds jpg


Gardeners for garden design, construction, and maintenance

A garden design is a complex task that is much more than just creativity. Knowledge of materials for the design of wooden and stone elements and knowledge of flowers, trees, grasses, and plants are just as important. Many who are not professionally involved with gardens will still venture to design and build a garden but concerns a relatively small piece of land. For a larger garden can improve a practitioner named gardener or gardener, are switched on.



The sauna is healthy

The sauna is not (yet) given to everyone, while the sauna, except that it helps relax still has many more advantages. Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to if people find it embarrassing to sit in the nude in a public place. But that is no more argument because the swimwear days before. You’re doing yourself a favor it if you dare to know the sauna.



The dynamic energy

When your body uses more calories than you take in calories to the diet, fat is burned and fall off. When you use fewer calories than you are taking in calories, fat mass increases and you become heavier. To burn an average of one kilogram of fat you need to burn about 7800 calories more than take. Previously, the energy balance was used as a static model. Both sides of the energy balance were in this static energy balance model dissociated from each other. By this is meant that energy intake and energy consumption would have no influence on each other. It was also thought that the stay the same both sides of the energy balance, lose weight during, for example, or be just heavier. However, the opposite is true. Nowadays, more based on a model in which the energy is dynamic; the dynamic energy.


Buying Guide: How to choose cat food

Cats are great pets, independent, curious and affectionate. They are animals who like everyone else; need a lot of attention for being healthy. One of the most important aspects to consider is food. But what should we consider when choosing the perfect food for the cat? On this website we explain how to buy food for your cat and thus ensure the nutrition and health of your pet.

Give up the idea to feed cats with your food




Things you should consider before buying a TV

Do I need a Smart TV?


Not necessary. I want to elaborate a little here. You may not need a Smart TV. Yes, they are popular. But let me ask you this: do we all need smart phones like iPhone or Galaxy S6? No. There are people who just want to make calls and send a message. Well, the smart TV is more or less the same. The role of “Smart” in TV is the software available on the device that lets you use applications like smart phones, but on the TV without having to buy anything apart. The most common apps for Smart TV are Netflix, Spotify, HBO GO and other streaming services payments.


Caring for plants in winter

To care for the plants that we currently have in our garden, terrace, and inside of our house, we must consider some precautions that have to do with changes in temperature, heating, and inadequate irrigation when the thermometers fall.

One of the main precautions you should take right now is about buying plants.

Although this is time of a year that are sold and bought fewer crops, a plant is a magnificent entertainment, and it is worth remembering that you have to look good on every issue that is acquired.

It is important not to have spotted leaves and the roots do not protrude through the drainage holes. It does not hurt to test releases remove the specimen from its pot and check the root ball out of one piece and that the roots are abundant, clear and not black color, because that would be a symptom of decay.


Retainer for housing: burglar alarm

The disproportionate increase in crime rates has given homeowners more than one reason to defend the family estate with advanced methods. On the one hand, you protect the home from intruders when the absence of the family note under unexpected travel and, on the other, is considered vital to keep the place where we sleep as safe as possible at night attacks and thieves. Believe it or not, a large number of thefts occur with family members inside the house.

How can you protect yourself? That is the common question among parents. And while it is more convenient to provide the facilities of a house with bars and security doors, this is not enough in most situations. These elements try to prevent the entry of thieves and criminals to our space, but do not tell us if they get outwit. Unfortunately, they are so fixed and traditional, that the thieves have developed a thousand ways to overcome them.

In many cases, it is necessary to provide greater security by incorporating other elements to guard the family, and so far the best element we have to fight and ensure our security is to install a good alarm system for home.


Stroller with high seat: the advantages of a high seat

The seat height: size criteria

The stroller’s high seats-either in town or in the countryside, what we love above all in a stroller is that it is compact, light and as easy to handle as possible.


Best strollers

There are lots of categories on the market (cane, electrical, reversible stroller, active or off-road …) but the criterion that is often overlooked by parents when they choose to buy a stroller for their child is the seat height…

This small detail that may seem insignificant at first glance is actually an important element to consider when you need to choose the model that you will buy for your child. Indeed, choosing a stroller whose high seat will be higher than that of a traditional stroller will represent a significant advantage, especially for walking into town or to practice gym stroller.

Benefits strollers with high seat

You are looking for a model displaying a higher than average seat for your child … Congratulations: you are one of the few parents to take this into account before buying the stroller of their child. With a higher base than a “normal cone“, baby will be less impacted by pollution from exhaust gases from cars, scooters and other motorcycles that are yet the daily lives of all citizens who live in town relatives. While conventional canes models display a seat height located just outside fifty centimeters high stroller easily exceed 60 or even 70 cm at the baby sitting.

In addition to avoiding more easily exhaust gases and global pollution encountered in our cities, buy a high-seat stroller will also prevent your child from getting wet and splashing through puddles in which you will inevitably ride; another advantage of a higher seat and (again) the most hygienic hand. Thus being a little higher than average, avoid baby more easily to be sniffing the legs and hands by dogs and other pets that you may come across during your walks in the city or in the countryside.

Finally, since baby will sit higher in his/her stroller, your interaction will logically easier and more numerous.

To view all our tests, go to the comparison here:

Stokke Xplory: highest seat


Stokke Xplory: highest seat

The Xplory model, Stokke brand we offer a product as practical innovation. With a raised seat, your child can still easily enjoy the scenery as many interactions with her parents.

The nerve center of this stroller is in its central bar. With it, you can easily adjust the functionality: the handlebar as well as the seat or ultra easy folding. Baby will be installed high up on this stroller. Following our test, the top of the baby’s head is approximately 1.10 m above ground level, which is remarkable!

Although this model may seem a bit expensive at first glance, be aware that this high seat stroller will be used from birth and up to three years of the child. The hammock and the nacelle are also included and will provide maximum comfort and safety for baby. The height of the assembly is adjustable from 88 cm to 1.25 m for a total weight slightly greater than 10 kg.

Given its features, its equipment, its level of finish and its high sitting (the highest of all strollers that we could test and compare), and although its price may seem high, too, we recommend strong purchasing this model to all parents seeking a seat as high as possible for baby.

If you want buy Stokke stroller for double child, find great deals for best twin stroller at Amazon or Ebay. (more…)